Alternatives to Signing a Record Deal and Getting Your Music Found

    Learn Why You don't need a record deal anymore to seel your musicSo much has been said here about getting a record deal. But that is no longer the only option these days for aspiring artists to get their music to the people and be heard by the masses.

    No record deal does not mean any career in music.

    The internet has changed everything, and many artists who have had record deals in the past are now looking towards the Internet as a preferred method of selling their music.

    Building a Fan Base Without a Record Deal

    Aspiring music artists have a plethora of opportunities to be “discovered” in today’s YouTube-driven industry. Previously, an artist had to be discovered and signed to a record label to gain access to the music market, but now there are specialist music social media sites where artists can:

    • Build a fan base to gain exposure.
    • Promote their music to potential fans far outside their geographic region.
    • Expand the possibility of being approached by professional music managers, booking agents, and record label executivesAlternative ways to promote your music online

    Another way to build a fan base is to create a database that allows an artist to keep in touch with  fans by,

    • Keeping in contact with fans via email and mobile phone broadcasts.
    • Earn revenue by selling merchandise online.
    • Update fans with upcoming performances and career progress.
    • Obtain feedback on new song releases.
    • Invite fans to shows and performances.

    The internet is a fantastic tool that allows artists to connect with their fans and showcase their music without having to spend a dime on marketing. New artists can experiment with new music with no risk or cost involved. 

    Atlanta's Best Music Production SchoolIt’s a win-win situation for record labels and artists alike.

    Recording companies no longer have to take such huge risks in investing millions of dollars on an unproven artist. Incidentally, the music industry is better off because there is more experimentation, which creates variety for fans looking for unique styles and sounds.

    The possibilities for artists, new and old, are limitless with today's technology. 

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