Music Production Online Degree

    Music Production Online Degree

    Music Production Degree - Now Offered 100% Online

    The ultimate goal of AIMM's online music production program and our Music Production and Audio for Media (MPAM) Online Degree is to empower our students with the comprehensive education needed to elevate their music production and sound engineering abilities. Our new MPAM degree is designed to provide a robust and multifaceted foundation in music production, encompassing various aspects of the industry.

    AIMM’s MPAM Online Degree is crafted to help you master the skills essential to become a successful and professional music producer - all online from the comfort of your home. Even as an online student, you'll be immersed in the art of music production, exploring areas such as music production techniques, audio for film and TV, and gaming audio production.

    AIMM’s MPAM Online Program educates students in the complete music production process, including the recording processes of tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering for both analog and electronic music production. With an additional focus on AVID Pro Tools Certification and Ableton Live Training, this degree ensures a well-rounded and industry-relevant education.


    Why Choose MPAM Online at AIMM?

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    Fully Online and Asynchronous Format

    Experience the freedom of a truly flexible learning environment. Our MPAM Online Degree Program is designed to fit into your schedule, allowing you to study at your own pace from any corner of the globe.

    Comprehensive Curriculum

    Dive deep into the world of music production with a curriculum that covers a broad spectrum of topics. From mastering music production techniques and audio post-production techniques, to exploring the nuances of gaming sound design, we ensure a well-rounded education.

    AVID Pro Tools Certification

    Stand out in the competitive music industry with the globally recognized AVID Pro Tools Certification. This prestigious certification enhances your professional credentials and equips you with skills sought after by top studios and producers.

    Ableton Live Training

    Unleash your creative potential with comprehensive training on Ableton Live. This program bridges the gap between studio production and live stage performance, ensuring you're ready for any musical challenge.

    Hands-On Learning Experience

    At AIMM, we believe in learning by doing. Our program offers a hands-on, immersive music atmosphere, ensuring every student gains practical experience and skills immediately applicable to real-world scenarios.

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    100% Online Music Production Education

    Every aspect of our program, from interactive lectures to practical exercises, is conducted online. This ensures a seamless learning experience, allowing you to focus on honing your craft without geographical constraints.

    Rigorous and Engaging Course Material

    Our curriculum is meticulously designed to be both challenging and engaging. We ensure that our students are well-prepared for the industry and remain passionate and motivated throughout their educational journey.

    Affordable Education

    Quality education shouldn't break the bank. Our program is competitively priced, ensuring that students receive a top-notch education without the hefty price tag often associated with other institutions.

    Career Assistance and Networking

    Graduating from AIMM means joining a vast network of industry professionals. Our alumni have access to invaluable career opportunities, mentorships, and connections that can propel them to new heights in their careers.

    Transferable Credits

    The transition is smooth for those who have embarked on their educational journey with AIMM. Students who have completed the Certificate in Music Production can effortlessly transfer their credits towards the MPAM Online Associate Degree, ensuring continuity in their learning.

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    How Long Will It Take To Earn An Online MPAM Degree? 

    The MPAM Online Degree Program can be completed in 18 months of full-time enrollment or 24 months of part-time enrollment.

    This online degree offers unparalleled flexibility, making it the top choice for many aspiring professional music producers.


    What Career Opportunities Await After Completing The MPAM Online Degree?

    Upon graduation, students are primed to embark on a successful career in the world of music production. Armed with the skills and knowledge acquired at AIMM, graduates can pursue roles as music producers and sound engineers and even venture into specialized areas like sound design for film and gaming.

    The music industry highly values professionals with a deep understanding of the music production process and proficiency in using industry-standard music production software. With AIMM, the sky's the limit, especially given the flexibility and comprehensive nature of our online degree.

    If music is your passion and you're committed to achieving excellence in your craft, why not position yourself for unparalleled success in the music industry?

    Click below to delve deeper into AIMM and discover how our MPAM Online Degree can propel your music production career to new heights.

    Embark on Your Music Production Journey with AIMM

    At the Atlanta Institute Of Music and Media, we're committed to providing our students with a comprehensive and state-of-the-art education. The MPAM Online Degree Program is a testament to our dedication to excellence, offering a platform for aspiring music producers to shine.

    Click below to enroll today and transform your passion for music into a thriving career!


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    Associate of Applied Science in Music Production and Audio for Media 

    Music Production Technical Courses

    Core Courses — Students Must Complete 53 Credits

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    RCD100 Pro Tools 101 * 2
    Critical Listening Skills *
    Basic Keyboarding Skills *
    Music Theory Basics *
    MIDI: Synthesis and Sequencing *
    Introduction to Audio Production I *
    RCD150 Skills Lab * 1
    RCD200 Pro Tools 110 * 2
    Studio Interconnect Basics *
    Studio Acoustics Basics *
    MIDI: Sampling & Composition *
    Introduction to Audio Production II *
    Applied Computing Basics *
    RCD300 Pro Tools 201 2
    Electronic Music Production
    DAW Editing and Processing *
    Introduction to Music Production
    Science & Art of Mastering
    RCD430 Music Business * 1
    Introduction to Audio Post Production
    Sound Design for Game Audio
    Audio Post-Production Techniques
    RCD 500 Location Sound I 3
    Total 53


    Elective Courses — Students Choose 15 Out of 35 Credits

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    RCD470 ADR and Foley
    RCD510 Sound Design for Film Audio
    RCD530 Portfolio and Web Media*
    RCD520 Location Sound II
    RCD540 Mixing Audio for Post Production
    RCD350 Introduction to Live Sound
    RCD444 Advanced Music Production
    RCD400 Pro Tools 210M
    RCD435 Methods of Mixing
    RCD550 Media Composer Fundamentals I 2
    RCD560 Media Composer Fundamentals II
    Total 35
    Minimum Number of Elective Credits Required 15


    Required General Education Courses — Students Must Complete 24 Credits

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    HUM110 Creative Writing*
    HUM115 English Composition*
    HUM120 Music Appreciation*
    MAT110 Accounting*
    MAT120 Mathematical Modeling*
    SCI110 Principles of Electronics*
    SCI120 Physics of Sound*
    SOC110 Cultural Anthropology*
    Total 24
    Program Total 92


    Courses denoted with an asterisk (*) may be available to take online asynchronously. Please check with your Academic Advisor on availability.
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    Program Features

      • Courses 38
      • Credit Hours 92 hours
      • Skill level Intermediate
      • Language English
      • Currently Enrolling Yes