What is Verification?

Verification is the process that the Federal Government requires schools to perform in order to confirm that the data reported on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is reviewed for accuracy and completeness.

Why was I selected for Verification?

The main reasons for being selected for verification include that you were chosen randomly during the processing of your FAFSA data.

The Federal Government’s processing system performs edit checks on the data reported identifying inconsistencies, potential errors, and incomplete data.

Once all required documents, to complete Verification, have been submitted to the Financial Aid Office or uploaded to the AIMM Online Student portal, and the student’s file has been truly verified, the Financial Aid Office can proceed in processing the student’s Financial Aid Award.

You may be selected for verification either by the Department of Education (ED) or the Atlanta Institute of Music & Media Financial Aid Office (FAO).

If you are selected for verification, you will be notified by the AIMM FAO. You can also view this information in the comment section of your Student Aid Report (SAR).

You can download a copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR) on the FAFSA website at

Submitting Verification Documents

Your specific verification requirements and deadlines will be emailed to you, once you have initiated the process of applying for financial aid at AIMM. 

Forms required to complete verification are available for upload through the Online Student Portal site and instructions on how to proceed to secure additional documentation is included in the email notification. The form can also be completed electronically through the Online Student Portal site.

You can mail them to:

AIMM Office of Financial Aid

2875 Breckinridge Blvd. Suite 700

Duluth, GA 30096

Once Verification is complete you can view your Financial Aid Award through the Online Student Portal site. Generally, this process takes from 5-10 business days or more (during peak season).

Opting Out (Verification)

The verification process is required by federal regulations and must be completed in order for you to receive any federal financial aid.

If you decide not to complete the verification process, and therefore not receive any federal financial aid, please email,  so we can update your status and document this to our system.

Financial Aid Department

Kaamilya Duling

Director of Financial Aid

Robin Forte-Burrell

Assistant Director of Financial Aid