Certificate in Music Production (Offered Online)

    Certificate in Music Production (Offered Online)

    Music Production Certificate - Now Offered 100% Online

    The ultimate goal of our online music production school and our Certificate in Music Production Program is to assist you in receiving the necessary education to further your recording and sound engineering abilities. Our online music production degree is designed to lay a strong foundation in music production.

    AIMM’s Certificate in Music Production is designed to help you establish the skills necessary to become a successful and professional sound engineer - all online from the comfort of your home. Even as an online student, you'll be immersed in the art of music production.

    AIMM’s M.P. certificate program teaches students the music production process, including the recording processes of tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering for both analog and electronic music production.

    This certificate program offers:

    • 100% online music production education
    • A hands-on, immersive music atmosphere
    • The opportunity to become AVID Pro Tools Certified
    • Rigorous and engaging music production course material
    • Asynchronous online courses with ultimate flexibility
    • A significantly lower price point than other online music schools
    • Lifetime career assistance and networking with industry professionals
    • Sound design and music composition elements to enhance your career in music production


    Leverage Your Music Engineering Skills

    As an AVID Training Partner, AIMM offers you the opportunity to earn your AVID Pro Tools Certification as you progress through the curriculum.

    The program also provides a comprehensive look at Music Technology, focusing on Ableton Live, which bridges the divide between creative music production and live performance.

    Using industry-standard music production software like Pro Tools and Ableton Live, you will learn analog and digital music production, microphone techniques, virtual instruments, and effect plugins. Additionally, you'll hone your education in music theory essentials and keyboard skills for the digital audio workstation.

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    Enroll Online in a Top Music Production School

    The Certificate in Music Production consists of 36 credits that are fully transferable to the 92-credit Associate of Applied Science in Music Production and Audio for Media Degree.
    These technical online courses are designed to provide college students with the necessary education to further their recording and engineering abilities. They also facilitate the student’s ability to gain employment in the field as a music producer.

    How Long Will It Take To Earn An Online Music Production Certificate?

    The program can be completed in 9 months (3 quarters) of full-time enrollment or 18 months (6 quarters) of ½ time enrollment.
    This online learning platform offers flexibility, making it a preferred choice for many aspiring advanced-level music producers.
    Students in good standing will have the option to take AVID Pro Tools Certification Exams upon course completion. 
    Students in the Certificate in Music Production program are not required to complete General Education courses. Students must pass an entrance exam as described in the Admissions procedures.  

    What Jobs Can You Get After Completing An Online Music Production Course?

    Upon completion, students are well-prepared to embark on a career in music production. With the skills acquired, graduates can work as music producers and sound engineers and even delve into sound design.

    The industry values professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the music production process and the ability to use industry-standard music production software. 

    The opportunities are limitless at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, especially with the flexibility you can take advantage of online.
    If you're a passionate musician and dedicated to your craft, why wouldn't you want to put yourself in the ultimate position to succeed in the music industry?
    Click below to learn more about AIMM and discover how our online music production school can benefit your music production career.

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    Certificate in Music Production Curriculum

    Core Courses (Students must complete 36 credits).

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    RCD100*   Pro Tools | Native 101*
    RCD101*   Critical Listening Skills*
    RCD110*   Basic Keyboarding Skills*
    RCD120*   Music Theory Basics*
    RCD130*   MIDI: Synthesis & Sequencing*
    RCD140*   Introduction to Audio Production I*
    RCD150*   Skills Lab*
    RCD200*   Pro Tools 110*
    RCD205*   Studio Interconnect Basics*
    RCD220*   Studio Acoustic Basics*
    RCD231*   MIDI: Sampling & Composition*
    RCD240*   Introduction to Audio Production II*
    RCD255*   Applied Computing Basics*
    RCD330*   DAW Editing and Processing*
    RCD430*   Music Business*
    SCI120*   Physics of Sound*
    RCD530*   Portfolio and Web Media*

    Total Required Credit Hours 36


    Courses denoted with an asterisk (*) may be available to take online. Please check with your Academic Advisor on availability.

    To better serve our students, the curriculum is subject to change.

    Curriculum is empty

    Program Features

      • Courses 17
      • Credit Hours 36 hours
      • Skill level Intermediate
      • Language English
      • Currently Enrolling Yes