AIMM's Grievance Policy

Students have the right to express their grievances and concerns and/or appeal any change in student academic, attendance or conduct status by submitting in writing the nature of the grievance to the appropriate member of the Administrative Body.

Letters may be received by mail delivery, fax, or in an electronically scanned document, but all grievances must be typewritten and signed in ink by the complainant. Depending on the nature of the grievance, submissions should be made to the appropriate member of staff: 

Name | Title | Email | Regarding 

Dr. David Mitchell 

Director of Education 



Joshua Grau 

Vice President 


Nite Driscoll 



Upon receiving a written expression of concern, a Panel comprised of Administrative staff members will convene to consider the grievance.

The Panel then has the responsibility of reaching, within three (3) business days, a decision that is, on balance, in the best interests of the student(s) and the Institute. Students who are not satisfied with the decision of the Administration may appeal the decision and/or may contact GNPEC or COE in order to take additional action if necessary. 

The President should be contacted for further information on appeal and grievance procedures, or students may contact the following

Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission 

2082 East Exchange Place 

Suite 220 

Tucker, Georgia 30084 

(770) 414-3300; Fax (770) 414-3309


Council on Occupational Education

7840 Roswell Road, Building 300, Suite 325

Atlanta, Georgia 30350

(770) 396-3898; (800) 917-2081; Fax (770) 396-3790