Associate's Degree Program: Music Production and Audio for Media
Associate of Applied Science in Music Production and Audio for Media
Total Credit Hours: 92
  Per Credit Hour Program Total
Tuition $425.00 $39,100.00
Tuition includes expenses such as:
  • Pro Tools Certifications and Exams
  • Applicable text
  • All source materials
We will continue to offer our students the finest programs and facilities possible, and look forward to your continued education and artistic growth at our institution.

Payment plans are available.

*Note: In addition to the program total per credit hours, there is a $250.00 Technology Fee for every quarter that the student attends. Required textbooks are covered in tuition costs.

Payment plans are available. A 7% finance fee is added regardless of how and when installment payments are made if you do not pay your projected cash balance by Week One of the quarter.

For example, if a student is receiving Financial Aid, but the total award will not cover the entire tuition cost, the finance fee will be 7% of the cash balance regardless of the details of the student’s particular payment plan.

After prospective students have processed any Financial Aid applications, they may contact the Bursar’s office at 770-242-7717, ext 28, to inquire about cash balances and set up payment plans.

*The Technology Fee is subject to change on a quarterly basis