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    Are You Exclusively Interested in Music Production?

    Learn Music Production Techniques with AVID Pro Tools and Ableton Live


    We have exciting news for you! If you're purely interested in the tech side of music and learning how to track, mix, and master like your favorite professionals, you can study music and technology online 100% online at AIMM by getting an Online Music Production Certificate.

    This online program offers a comprehensive curriculum in music technology.

    AIMM's online courses teach beneficial music production techniques in:

    • Recording
    • Mixing
    • Mastering

    AIMM believes in developing well-rounded musicians, so whether you want to have significant music technology and production knowledge when you dive into the music business or the ability to be your city's best DIY musician, we have you covered.

    As an AVID Pro Tools training partner, AIMM provides the music production courses that are most relevant to the industry, such as Pro Tools 101 and Pro Tools 110. Learn the best insider tips and hands-on techniques that your favorite sound technicians use.

    Are You Exclusively Interested in Guitar or Bass Guitar?

    Develop and Expand Your Guitar or Bass Skills Online


    The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is excited to offer an Online Certificate in Music and Technology

    The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is excited to offer an Online Certificate in Music and Technology. This accredited institution offers a focus on either guitar or bass guitar, integrating digital audio workstations and sound design principles.

    This online certificate offers a focus on either guitar or bass guitar.

    Watch the videos below to learn more about the courses.

    Bass Guitar Certificate


    Guitar Certificate

    The nationally accredited Online Music and Technology Certificate consists of 36 credit hours that are fully transferable to the Associate of Applied Science in Music and Technology Certificate. Financial aid is available for those that qualify.

    Financial assistance is available for those that qualify.

    The online certificate is offered 100% online and contains online music courses designed to provide the student with the necessary education to further their musical and recording, and engineering abilities.

    The program is designed for the intermediate instrumentalist who also wishes to gain knowledge in the field of recording and music engineering in order to open career options in today’s ever-changing music industry.

    Our online music classes will fully prepare you for the style, workload, and expectations of the music industry.

    Our Online Certificate in Music and Technology is a major first step for musicians who want to master their instrument and learn valuable digital music production techniques.


    Check out all of the states AIMM's Online Music Certificate serves.

    Additional Services Offered to AIMM Students and Alumni 

    AIMM provides students with an opportunity and the tools for rapid progress, expanding their repertoire, and making a career in music technology possible.

    As confident and intelligent musicians, producers, or live sound technicians and engineers, our students will be capable of handling more demanding and better-paying jobs in a competitive market.

    Combining what they learn with their personal styles, AIMM alumni build confidence, a deep industry understanding and unlock their musical talents, creative potential, creative skills, a broader skill set, and technical skills.


    Below are a couple of the many resources and benefits we provide that are necessary for our students to advance their careers in commercial music and electronic music:

    • Vast Musical Curriculum Experience: Music students can experience musical flavors from all different genres, including Jazz, Classical, Rock, Folk, Blues, and R&B.
    • Job Placement Upon Graduation: During the final quarter of attendance, our students work with a Career Placement Specialist to produce a resume and begin exploring in-field employment opportunities.

    Online Music Education Benefits

    Are you wondering if you can get a music certificate online? The answer is: absolutely!

    • Increased schedule flexibility
    • Lower cost - travel, room & board, etc
    • More freedom
    • Convenience

    And that is just the start of it!


    Unlocking Career Paths With an Online Music and Technology Certificate

    Pursuing an Online Music and Technology Certificate not only equips students with a profound understanding of music and its intertwining with technology but also opens doors to many career paths in the music industry.

    For those with a penchant for overseeing recording sessions and ensuring everything runs smoothly, a role as a studio manager might be the perfect fit. This position involves coordinating studio bookings, managing equipment, and often liaising with artists and producers to ensure the best recording environment.

    Becoming adjunct faculty at academic institutions can be a fulfilling career if you are passionate about sharing knowledge and inspiring the next generation. This role allows professionals to teach specific courses related to their expertise, bridging the gap between practical industry experience and academic learning.

    The dynamic world of concert promotion is another avenue. Here, you can harness your skills to organize, market, and manage live music events, ensuring artists connect with their fans in memorable performances.

    Lastly, producing music is a coveted career path for those who dream of crafting the next big hit or shaping an artist's sound. Producers play a pivotal role in the music creation process, from the initial song concept to the final master recording, ensuring the artist's vision comes to life.

    Notable AIMM Alumni

    AIMM has had the pleasure of instructing many passionate and talented musicians, sound engineers, audio producers, and media students. We are incredibly proud of the success our alumni have found in the music industry. A few alumni we'd like to highlight include:

    Kesha Lee - Engineer

    Kesha Lee is an engineer who earned a Grammy for her work on Childish Gambino's song, This is America.

    childish gambino and kesha lee

    KEYZBABY - Producer

    Jay Foye, aka KEYZBABY, is an AIMM alumnus that co-produced the current #1 song in America, WAP.

    Tosin Abasi - Animals as Leaders

    Tosin is a phenomenal guitarist. He founded the band, Animals as Leaders and even has his own line of guitars.

    AIMM graduate

    Kesha Lee - Grammy Award-Winning Engineer

    "Each quarter, I would exceed the required hours, and I never missed a day of class. I was always eager to tell my family about my day and what I learned. For once, I was excited about what I was doing.” 

    AIMM graduate Tosin Abasi

    Tosin Abasi - Guitarist Animals as Leaders

     "I didn't want to spend four years without touring or gigging. So if you want to get a really condensed concentrated musical education without being out of the scene for a few years and save money, I think AIMM is perfect!"

    AIMM's Graduates Work With the Best

    Some of the musical artists and companies our graduates have worked with:


    • Kandi 
    • Snoop Dogg 
    • Cardi B
    • Megan Thee Stallion
    • Ludacris
    • Ciara
    • Beyonce 
    • Steve Vai
    • Rick Ross 
    • Justin Bieber
    • Mary J. Blige 
    • Childish Gambino
    • Mariah Carey 
    • Lil Uzi Vert
    • TI
    • Nelly
    • 2 Chainz
    • Brantley Gilbert

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. If your application is accepted, you'll be required to complete an entrance exam and submit a video submission.

    AIMM is unique in that we offer a singular program that combines organic instrumentation with music production techniques.

    We combine production, music theory, instruments and lessons, and performance opportunities in one singular program.

    With AIMM's Music Education,  you will master an instrument of choice (Guitar or Bass) and learn the best insider techniques for tracking, mixing, and mastering like the pros. As an AVID Pro Tools Training Partner, AIMM utilizes the best software and strategies to ascend your skillset as an optimal and well-rounded musician in today's landscape.

    AIMM currently administers the following Title IV Federal Aid Programs:

    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Federal Direct Loans
    • Federal Direct PLUS Loans.
    • Once a student has been accepted for admission to AIMM and has applied for Federal Financial Aid, their Financial Aid File will be processed.

    All Federal Aid Applications and required supporting financial documents must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the student’s first day of class.

    The program can be completed in 12 months (4 quarters) of full-time enrollment, or 24 months (8 quarters) of part-time enrollment. Financial aid is available for those that qualify.

    With increased education and skill from AIMM coupled with a dedicated musician's ambition, truly anything is possible! When you graduate from AIMM, you'll have a wide variety of career opportunities to choose from.

    That includes:

    • Director of Audio Events
    • Director of Visual Events
    • Music Producer
    • Sound Engineer
    • Audio and Lighting Technician
    • Audio Engineer
    • Music Center Owner and Entrepreneur
    • Audio Visual Specialist
    • Professional touring singer
    • Music Performers
    • Professional back-up vocalist
    • Studio recording vocalist
    • Classical singer (opera and/or recital)
    • Music Ensembles
    • Professional singing instructor
    • Professional musician
    • Accompanist
    • Musical Theatre Performer
    • Artist Director
    • Piano Guitar Tuning Professional
    • Music Instructor/Teacher
    • Private Lesson Instructor
    • Professional Recital Keyboardist
    • Band director
    • DJ

    Yes, AIMM’s studios and computer labs are outfitted with all the hardware and software required to complete coursework.

    AIMM also offers the purchase of an additional “Tech Kit." The "Tech Kit" is not included in the cost of tuition, it is an optional expense to outfit a home workspace with our suggested hardware and software.

    The purchasing of the Tech Kit is handled through a third-party website called Vintage King.

    Online Music Certificate Curriculum

    Online Certificate in Music and Technology

    View Course Details

    Instrument-Specific Online Technical Music Courses

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    BAS/GTR130   Reading I
    BAS/GTR230   Reading II
    BAS/GTR120   Scales I / Technique I
    BAS/GTR220   Scales II / Technique II
    Number of Instrument-Specific Credits Required 4

    Interdisciplinary Technical Courses

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    INT100   Performance I 4
    INT200   Performance II
    INT145   Music Theory Essentials I 3
    INT245   Music Theory Essentials II
    INT495   Music Business 1
    Number of Interdisciplinary Credits Required 15

    Recording and Engineering Technical Courses

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    RCD100   Pro Tools 101
    RCD130   MIDI: Synthesis & Sequencing
    RCD140   Introduction to Audio Production I 3
    RCD200   Pro Tools 110
    RCD240   Introduction to Audio Production II
    Number of Recording Technical Credits Required 14

    General Education Courses

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    SCI120   Physics of Sound
    Minimum Number of General Education Credits Required 3
    Certificate in Music and Technology (Online) - Total Credits 36

    To better serve our students, the curriculum is subject to change.
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