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    Certificate in Music and Technology

    Certificate in Music and Technology

    Atlanta Institute of Music and Media provides Certificate in Music and Technology students with the instructional environment necessary to develop both their technical and musical talents and to acquire the skills to advance their musical aptitude and gain knowledge in the field of performance, recording and engineering.
    The curriculum accomplishes this through in-person and online delivery, which includes practical application instruction, lab instruction, and recorded clinics featuring today's most well-known and innovative engineers, producers, and music industry professionals. 

    Atlanta Institute of Music and Media's Certificate in Music and Technology is taught by professionals whose work experience and education give each instructor the background to teach the demanding curriculum.

    It is the belief of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media that music, along with its many technological facets, is the universal language and, therefore, welcomes students from diverse backgrounds.

    Atlanta Institute of Music and Media serves students without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, age, religion, or sexual orientation.

    This program’s stated objective is to provide the knowledge and assistance in producing a recorded portfolio needed to obtain employment or self-employment in music and/or production used in the world wide web, movies, television, radio, record labels, video, film, multimedia production studios, and live performance or recording for bands and churches.  
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    Expand Your Music Skills

    The Certificate in Music and Technology consists of 36 credits that are fully transferable to the Associate of Applied Science Music and Technology Degree.

    The certificate program is offered in-person or online and contains courses designed to provide the student with the necessary education to further their music, recording, and engineering abilities.

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    Students select an instrument of concentration in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, or Voice and complete courses specific to that instrument, as well as recording and engineering courses.
    The program is designed for the intermediate instrumentalist who also wishes to gain knowledge in the field of recording and engineering in order to open opportunities in today’s ever-changing music industry.
    The program can be completed in 9 months (3 quarters) of full-time enrollment, 12 months (4 quarters) of ¾ time, or 18 months (6 quarters) of ½ time enrollment.

    Students in good standing will have the option to take AVID Pro Tools Certification Exams upon course completion.

    Students in the Certificate in Music and Technology program are not required to complete General Education courses, except for SCI120 Physics of Sound.
    Students must show proficiency in their instrument of concentration as described in Admissions procedures.

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    Certificate in Music and Technology

    with a Concentration in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, or Voice

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    RCD140*   Introduction to Audio Production I* 3
    RCD240*   Introduction to Audio Production II*
    RCD130*   MIDI: Synthesis & Sequencing*
    RCD430*   Music Business* 1
    INT145*   Music Theory Essentials I* 3
    INT245*   Music Theory Essentials II*
    INT100*   Performance I* 4
    INT200*   Performance II*
    SCI120*   Physics of Sound*
    RCD100*   Pro Tools 101*
    RCD200*   Pro Tools 110*
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC130*   Reading I*
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC230*   Reading II*
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC120*   Scales I / Technique I*
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC220*   Scales II / Technique II*
    Certificate in Music and Technology (Online) - Total Credits 36


    Courses denoted with an asterisk (*) may be available to take online. Please check with your Academic Advisor on availability.

    To better serve our students, the curriculum is subject to change.
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    Program Features

      • Courses 30
      • Credit Hours 36 hours
      • Skill level All levels
      • Language English
      • Currently Enrolling Yes