The Top 10 Richest Drummers

    Wealthiest Drummers of All Time

    There are many famous and successful drummers in the music industry, but these ten listed below really were some of the greatest.

    Let's discuss some of the wealthiest drummers we have had the pleasure of listening to over the years.

    The Richest Drummers of All Time

    • Ringo Starr — Net Worth: $300 Million
      • When the band you played in during the ‘60s continues to sell millions of records and boast iconic songs that transcend generations decades after you first released them, it’s no surprise that you make ridiculous amounts of money even if your current musical career isn’t very active. He remains involved in Beatles-related endeavors, playing with former band mate Paul McCartney. Richest Drummers | most wealthy drummers
    • Dave Grohl — Net Worth: $260 Million
      • Grohl boasts a net worth of $260 million thanks to his success with the Foo Fighters as well as being the drummer of Nirvana in the early ‘90s. He’s still actively drumming, though, even though most of his success is in large part due to being the front man of the Foo Fighters. 
    • Phil Collins — Net Worth: $250 Million
      • Though he makes this list mainly because of his days as the drummer/singer for Genesis, Phil Collins' solo singing career has bumped up his net worth in ways that his drumming career has not: his net worth clocks in at $250 million, thanks in large part to selling over 150 million albums worldwide despite being one of the most polarizing figures in rock music
    • Don Henley — Net Worth: $200 Million
      • Although he’s better known for singing lead on many of the Eagles’ biggest hits as well as many massive singles from his solo career, Don Henley has been well known for his role as the Eagles’ drummer. Both endeavors have been hugely successful for him: the Eagles have sold over 120 million albums worldwide.
    • Lars Ulrich — Net Worth: $175 Million
      • Lars Ulrich was initially training to become a professional tennis player before he got involved in music. After being the longtime drummer for Metallica, it is obvious he made the right career choice. His net worth is currently at $175 million as the band continues to tour to massive crowds and work on new music.Wealthiest Drummers of All Time
    • Charlie Watts — Net Worth: $160 Million
      • Although most of the band members are in their 70s now, The Rolling Stones are still touring and playing to sellout crowds wherever they go. It’s no surprise then that their drummer Charlie Watts has an astounding $160 million net worth. Watts is the oldest member of the band at 72 years of age and is a member of Modern Drummer’s Hall of Fame.
    • Larry Mullen Jr. — Net Worth: $150 Million
      • With 22 Grammys and more than 150 million albums sold worldwide, it's no wonder that U2 remains one of the highest earning acts on the planet. Their drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. is one of the band's founding members.
    • Roger Taylor — $140 Million
      • Not to be confused with the same-named drummer of Duran Duran, this Roger Taylor is best known for being behind the kit for Queen. He had toured and continued to tour with some of the biggest names in the industry like Brain May, Adam Lambert, Freddie Mercury, Eric Clapton, Robert Plant, and Elton John. 
    • Joey Kramer — Net Worth: $100 Million
      • Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer has profited big-time from the continued success of the rock band Aerosmith. The drummer, also known as “Kramedog” was credited with coining the band’s name, and his net worth is likely due to Aerosmith's continuous popularity since the ‘70s, with 150 million albums sold worldwide and 18 albums that went platinum.Best Drum School
    • Chad Smith — Net Worth: $90 Million
      • Thanks to his involvement with the Chili Peppers as well as with hard rock supergroup Chickenfoot, Smith has earned quite a fortune, not to mention his drumming for Johnny Cash, John Fogerty, and Kid Rock. 

    A common theme between all of these rich and famous musicians are that most of them play more than just the drums.

    They either play drums and guitar or also do a little singing or backup vocals. It is important to be diverse and well-rounded in the music industry; it can help you land better gigs and be more successful. 

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