Tips from the music pros

    01 February

    How to Balance Music & Life | Tips to Help Focus on Music & Enjoy Life

    6 Proven Tips to Balance Music and Life Imagine all of the music you could create and produce if you had no other care in the…

    12 October

    Musician Mental Health | How to Love Your Craft and Stay Positive

    7 Ways to Counter Negative Thoughts as a Musician When you decided to become a musician and pursue music, what were your dreams?

    15 September

    5 Steps For Submitting a Demo to a Record Label - Get Found!

    There are few things in life more exciting than finishing a personal and creative project. Music is no exception. When you…

    12 July

    So You Want To Be A Musician? Here's What You Need To Know Before Getting Started

    The first thing all aspiring musicians should know before pursuing this career path is, it is not easy. To persevere through…

    17 January

    How to Build an In-Home Music Studio | Home Recording Studio Tips

    Tips on Building an In-Home Music Studio Creating an in-home music studio is a great project for the aspiring music…

    31 October

    Bob Dylan: The First Musician to Win the Nobel Prize

    For the very first time, the Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to a songwriter, Bob Dylan. Mr. Dylan was the recipient…

    22 July

    9 Things I Wish I'd Known As A Young Musician

    Many older and professional musicians have thought back to their younger days when they thought they knew it all. Most of them…

    13 June


    Since Apple introduced the iPod in 2001, major labels have gradually lost control of the market. They’re no longer the…

    07 May

    14 Tips Your Band Should Know Before Going Into A Recording Studio

    Working in a commercial studio is quite different than working from home. Today, we are going to share with you some…