How to Choose a Music College During COVID-19

    3 Tips for Choosing the Best Music School During COVID-19

    Whether you are buying a used car or a new guitar, you know that you should always see it in person before purchasing it, right?

    Maybe the pictures online don’t quite do it justice, or perhaps it never lives up to the hype.

    Attending a music college could be viewed in the same way. When you attend a music college, you are putting your success, instruction, career, and future in the hands of this institution.

    That is why requesting a tour or attending an open house is crucial during the decision-making stage. Seeing the music college first hand is invaluable.

    Unfortunately, COVID-19 came along and has thrown a wrench in that opportunity for millions of students. That's not to say it wasn't the right call, however. The quarantine has helped decrease the amount lives at risk, and that is a good thing.

    However, that still doesn’t solve the issue of how students can tour a music school during COVID-19.

    Thankfully, we have some suggestions for you. Use the following 3 tips to help you choose the right music college for you during social distancing.

    Table of contents:

    1. Look at Reviews

    Shopping has changed over the years. A unique ad or a day-time infomercial with false claims no longer can maintain success in their industry.

    Why? Because of reviews.

    If you're stuck between two restaurants that serve similar food, how will you choose between them? The one with the higher reviews, most likely. That is what statistics say, as 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.

    Choosing a music college shouldn't be any different. Take the time to check reviews, whether it be Google, Facebook, or wherever you'd like to search.

    See what current and past students like and don't like. Make sure the aspects of a music college you prioritize are held in high regard and take notes on what students say could be improved.

    Music colleges are a significant expense for the majority of students, so taking a few hours to ensure most students had an enjoyable experience is time well spent.

    2. Who Are the Alumni?

    Every music college will tell you that once you graduate with your degree or certificate that the sky is your limit. While this may sound exciting, how do you know that the opportunity is truly there?

    A good idea is to spend a little time looking into the music college's alumni. You shouldn't have to do a ton of research here. Music Schools should have a page dedicated to their alumni and lists of their accomplishments.

    Atlanta Institute of Music and Media Alumni Kesha Lee

    It should be said, however, to take a reasonable approach with alumni. If you don't recognize any alumni from a school does that mean they are a failure of an institute? Absolutely not. Between hard work, connections, and a little luck, many high profile artists never attended a music college.

    Instead of just simply looking at the list of alumni names, take note of their achievements. Where do they work? Who have they worked with? Have they earned any awards?

    The answers to those questions should give you insight into how the music college's alumni do after graduation.

    3. Virtual Open House Events

    While you’re dealing with the stress of narrowing down potential music school options, here is a question to ask yourself: how are the music schools assisting your decision?

    Are they just canceling tours and saying sorry? Or, are they putting together strategies and online events to help make life easier for you?

    As we mentioned regarding reviews, music college's are a significant financial expense, so you want to at least have some taste of what to expect. 

    What are the classrooms like? Or what about the instructors? Do they have newer equipment?

    An option that has been utilized to help students receive the best, and safest, exposure to a music college is a virtual open house. From the comfort of your home you can meet some of the instructors, have questions answered, and learn more about the music programs.

    Why You Should Choose the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

    If you have been stressed about choosing the right music college that fits your needs during the coronavirus, The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media wants to help put your mind at ease.

    Let's walk through the 3 tips with AIMM in mind:


    AIMM has earned a 5-star Google rating and a 4.6/5 with over 200 reviews on Facebook. 


    Over the 30 years, there have been countless alumni that have found success. A few notable artists include:

    • Tosin Abasi: Guitarist for Animals as Leaders along with his own guitar brand, Abasi Guitars.
    • Turbo the Great: Producer most notably for working with Gunna, Young Thug, Travis Scott, and Lil Baby
    • Kesha Lee: Audio Engineer and earned a Grammy for her work with Childish Gambino on This is America

    Virtual Open House

    AIMM understands the need to experience a music college first hand. However, the importance of social distancing and staying safe cannot be understated.

    Therefore, the Virtual Open House event is the best solution.

    AIMM is hosting their Virtual Open House Thursday, June 4th at 7 PM. The event is completely free for prospective students, but to receive a link to enter the virtual open house you must RSVP.

    Whether you're interested in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Vocals, or Music Production, AIMM has programs for you. Elevate your skill, work with industry-leading instructors, and forever be listed with exemplary notable alumni at AIMM.

    If you want to RSVP to AIMM's Virtual Open House event on June 4th, click the link below today.

    RSVP to AIMM's Virtual Open House