How AI Could Empower Independent Artists


    The music industry recently reached a new milestone with the launch of Warner Music's first ever AI-enhanced artist, Noonoonuri. Her debut single "Dominoes" was a collaboration with DJ Alle Farben that was created by a team of songwriters and producers. This pioneering project highlights the enormous potential for AI to empower solo independent artists moving forward.

    While it took a skilled team two years to develop Noonoonuri, the time and cost to create similar virtual artists and productions is likely to decrease rapidly with continued AI progress. Soon, AI tools like generative writing, composing, instrumentation, vocals, and visual art could allow a single independent musician to produce full songs, albums, music videos, and live performances with entire virtual bands, entourages, and production crews. 

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    The collaboration on Noonoonuri's first single shows that AI will not replace human creativity, but rather enable new forms of human-AI cooperation. AI bandmates, co-writers, and producers could help independent artists turn creative ideas into fully realized projects and expansive multimedia experiences. Independent artists may no longer need to rely on finding and coordinating teams of other human collaborators.

    AI avatars like Noonoonuri additionally open up new branding and marketing opportunities through virtual clothing sponsorships, endorsements, merchandising, and more. For example, Noonoonuri’s video for “Dominoes” features the character wearing SKIMS, Kim Kardashian’s clothing brand. As AI characters become more advanced, they may even hold live concerts and interact with fans in metaverse environments created entirely by independent artists without the need for record label funding.

    As this technology becomes democratized, we are likely to see an influx of unique AI artists and groups reflective of diverse independent music creators. Music industry acceptance of artificial intelligence, as shown by Warner Music's support, will help fuel rapid mainstream adoption. The time is fast approaching when any solo musician could potentially produce the work of an entire production company or record label with the help of AI. The future possibilities are incredibly exciting for independent artists who want to shape the next era of music.

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    Dr. David Mitchell

    Dr. David Mitchell

    Dr. David Mitchell is an educator and published composer who writes for large and small ensembles, interactive electronics and electroacoustic music for performance as well as original scores for films, video games, promotional ads and corporate videos. His commercial work includes music for Hilton Hotels and The Coca Cola Company. His works have been performed throughout the United States and Europe. In addition, Dr. Mitchell has won numerous competitions, including the Olin Parker Composition Competition, Southeastern Composers League Phillip Slate Composition Competition and The Contemporary Chamber Ensemble Composition Competition. Dr. Mitchell holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) in Music Composition and Theory, Master of Music Composition and a Bachelor Degree in Guitar Performance. He is an instructor and the Director of Education at The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media.