Music School in Jonesboro 

If you were searching for a Music School in the Jonesboro area, you have come to the right place. Our Music and Media School has a unique and effective approach to vocational training for musicians, production, and engineering students.

The curriculum is well-rounded and taught through, classroom instruction, private instruction, audio, DVD and video labs, computer labs, and live clinics. We employee industry professionals who have the education and work experiences that prepared them to educate and instruct our music students

Jonesboro, Georgia Music Degree and Certificate Programs 

Audio Post Production Associate Degree

The purpose of our Audio Post Production degree program is to teach technical application of music, dialogue, sound design, and location audio for film, television, gaming, and all new forms of media expression.

The courses that are taught will provide the music students  with the necessary education to further their recording and Best Music School in Jonesboro, Georgia engineering abilities.

It is our goal to help students develop both their technical and practical talents. Our students acquire the skills to advance their musical knowledge in the field of audio post production, as well as, gaining the ability to obtain a Pro Tools Certification in music production and audio for film post production. 

Music and Technology Associate Degree

This program teaches courses that have a specific focus in Drums, BassGuitar, Voice, Keyboard, or Horn. We have designed the program for musicians who also wish to gain knowledge in the field of recording and engineering. It is our belief that with this knowledge, it will open the door to many opportunities in our ever-changing music industry. 

Certificate Program

We offer a certificate program in guitar, bass, drums, and recording that provides non-beginning students with the instructional environment to become one today's professional musicians or engineers. 

Our top rated Jonesboro Music School combines music and media to help our students expand their opportunities. We prepare our graduates to step into a demanding position including live event and studio recording, music composition performance, audio engineering for music, gaming, film, television, and more. 

All Courses are Taught by Music and Media Professionals 

Our Music School offers aspiring musicians in Jonesboro, Ga instruction by some of the top performers in their fields. We have faculty with over 40 years of professional experience that they are willing to share with you.

Their experience, certification and degrees give them a unique background to teach the demanding, yet rewarding curriculum. Our professional music instructors maintain working relationships with some of the most prominent musicians in the Jonesboro area, nationally, and abroad. 

Services we Provide our Jonesboro Students 

We take pride in offering the following benefits to our music school students from Jonesboro

  • Work Study Program: Students with financial needs have the opportunity to obtain a part-time position within our campus departments. 
  • Roommate Referral: If you are interested in finding a roommate, our Admissions Office can refer you to other students who are interested. 
  • Housing Assistance: We will refer you to housing nearby our campus upon your request. 
  • Job Placement Upon Graduation: During the final quarter of attendance, our students work with a Placement Specialist to generate a resume, and begin exploring in-field employment opportunities. 

Why You Should Choose Our Jonesboro Music School

At The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media it is our goal to provide students with the instructional environment to develop their musical and technical talents. We hope to provide the resources that are necessary for our students to acquire the skill to advance their careers. Our curriculum is designed to Jonesboro, Ga Music Collegeaccomplish this through: 

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Practical Application 
  • Lab Instruction
  • Live Clinics 


Upon graduation, we will have provided each student with the knowledge and assistance to produce and record a portfolio in order to obtain employment or self-employment in the music or production industry

We understand that the demand for creative, dynamic and passionate musical artists is greater than ever before, and thanks to the advances in our musical technology, we can prepare our Music School students for a career that can take them anywhere they wish to go. 

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is changing the way the world experiences music. If you are an aspiring artist or music student, then we have the ability to help you with your future. Let us be the Music School in Jonesboro, Georgia that can help drive your future forward.

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