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    Benefits of attending an Online Music School

    Benefits of Attending an Online Music School

    Have you noticed a change within the music industry since the advancement of technology?

    It has never been easier for musicians to get their music "out there" in the world.

    While this is a wonderful opportunity for artists who may not have the means to spend a ton of money on equipment, software, or studio time like they had to in the past, it also has caused the music industry to become a bit saturated.

    It is hard to compete with the DIY musicians, the Instagram stars, and YouTube sensations when you're trying to get your music discovered.

    In a landscape where anyone with an internet connection can upload a music clip, seeking any type of separation is crucial and hoping to "go viral" isn't the answer. Getting your music heard is easier said than done.

    That is where Online Music Education comes into play.

    Sure, YouTube has some great tutorials and you certainly can't knock an artist for being self-taught. But think about it - all that content you're learning from for free is available for everyone else to see (for free), too. 

    When you attend an online music school, you can take classes from the comfort of your home, but receive significantly more content compared to free YouTube videos that are always full of ads.

    Before we dive into the benefits of Online Music Education, let's discuss why music education, in general, is important.

    Table of Contents:

    What are the Benefits of Music Education?

    1. Industry-Leading Instructors
    2. Hands-on and Effective Courses
    3. Music Certificates
    4. Networking Opportunities

    The Value of an Online Music Education

    1. Convenience
    2. Independent Coursework
    3. Recorded Video
    4. Financial Considerations

    Why Choose AIMM?

    What are the Benefits of Music Education?

    Branching away from the idea of "separating from other musicians," what other benefits can you reap from attending a music college? Is online learning really beneficial for a music student?

    1. Industry-Leading Instructors

    Music College's instructors have significant experience and are knowledgeable in their fields. You don't have to worry about making sure you are receiving information and lessons from a reliable source.

    You can trust the fact that you are receiving a relevant music education from a musician, music producer, or audio technician who has mastered their craft.

    2. Hands-on and Effective Courses

    Being self-taught means using every resource you can find and trying to mimic, learn, and teach yourself the approaches you are viewing.

    With a proper music education, you are receiving hands-on constructive feedback that will help you learn faster and you'll be confident knowing that your techniques are correct.

    3. Music Certificates

    Wouldn't it be nice to have something tangible to show for all of your hard work? When you attend a music college, that is exactly what you get! 

    Depending on the program and school you choose, you can graduate with a certificate, associate degree, bachelor's degree, or an even higher form of education.

    It also looks great when applying for more technical music careers, like a position as a sound engineer or audio technician at a major venue.

    4. Networking Opportunities

    Let's state this first and foremost, what you know is incredibly important. Knowledge is certainly power. However, in certain instances, who you know can be just as valuable.

    Developing a list of connections that can vouch for your skills and abilities is vital. Music schools are fantastic opportunities to meet and network with other musicians and music producers that could aid in your music industry career for the rest of your life. 

    Having a list of solid references is never a bad thing!

    Now that you have a better understanding of the benefits of attending a music college, let's break down why attending an Online Music School can be valuable to your career.

    The Value of Online Music Education

    Online Music Certificate

    1. Convenience

    Understandably, the biggest draw for online music classes is the convenience factor. 

    Life is hectic, and everyone has their own specific situations and responsibilities that they are dealing with. That is where online courses come in.

    If you have a schedule that prevents you from committing to a full semester of attending structured classes on the same days, then an online music school can cater to the flexibility that you need.

    You will be able to take classes and communicate with your teacher and peers from your home, or anywhere, life may take you.

    If your day job requires you to travel, you can still accomplish this while simultaneously managing to take your online classes.

    Not everyone leads the same lifestyle, so individuals with extra chaotic lives may benefit from these online programs because they otherwise may not have been able to obtain the musical education they desired.

    Some music colleges have a more rigid course structure, so be sure to check with the school on how they handle their programs.

    2. Independent Coursework

    Another benefit of online classes is the "pre-packaged" syllabus that students are expected to follow.

    A lot of online music lessons are independent and knowing your syllabus and class topics in advance allows you to work at your own pace and schedule your own studying and practice times around your busy schedule.

    If you are a highly disciplined individual and excel at creating your own structure and plan of action, then the independent nature of an online music college curriculum can definitely appeal to you.

    3. Recorded Video

    Additionally, online music lessons have the potential to be recorded so that you can review videos repeatedly to master a lesson before proceeding on.

    This is an advantage that is rarely offered in a traditional classroom.

    Having the power to record lessons is a huge benefit. You can pause and even slow down a recorded video in order to fully understand what is being taught, spending extra time on the things you struggle with, and breezing through the lessons you don't. This makes lesson times super convenient.

    Taking as much time, or as little, in a real physical class tends to be slightly more difficult when there is an actual person teaching, and there are other students to consider.

    4. Financial Considerations

    An additional benefit to online distance learning for musical training is the financial advantage. Although the tuition itself may be equivalent to traditional schooling, it will save you money on the following:

    • Housing
    • Materials
    • Commuting/travel costs

    While these costs may not initially seem that daunting, they can certainly add up over time.

    Why Choose AIMM as Your Online Music Program?

    what are the benefits of online music education

    Are you:

    • Highly motivated?
    • Passionate about music?
    • Organized and responsible with your time?

    If so, enrolling in online music education is the best option for you.

    You need to discover the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media.

    AIMM online gives students the music education benefits like direct personal feedback, the ability to rewind and review instructional material, and the flexibility to attend classes on your schedule

    You'll also be gaining AIMM's network of successful musicians, engineers, and music producers.

    One major theme we have discussed throughout this article is separating from the crowd.

    How does AIMM accomplish this among other music schools?

    No other music college in the world combines instrumentation and recording aspects in their programs like AIMM.

    Staying ahead of the digital and technical shift of the music industry, AIMM helps students become well-rounded musicians and music producers.

    Being taught both the organic side of music and the more technical components will allow you to broaden your options and have the best opportunity of a successful career in the music industry.

    If you'd like to learn more and discover how your passion and skills can blossom at AIMM, click the link below today.

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