AIMM provides exceptional music education for inspiring vocal artists and singers in Georgia. If you have a passion for singing, you're in the right place.

The Atlanta Institute of Music Media offers unlimited musical resources to take your professional singing career to the highest levels possible. This is much more than online tutorials or a private voice lesson.

Our music industry-leading faculty teach our vocal performance students the skills necessary to become one of today’s elite singers or vocal teachers. Put yourself in an immersive, fast-paced music atmosphere where music is always the main focus and your skill levels will blossom.

Students will learn how to develop an individualized artistic voice, vocal control, and performance practice through rigorous training targeted on technological and musical studies at our Georgia Vocal School.

Georgia Singing School for Artists

Whether you are looking for:

· Voice Lessons

· Vocal Performance

· Singing and Vocal Control

· Expanding Range

· Perfecting Pitch

· Performance and Career Opportunities

· Music Theory and Music Production Education

You will find everything you need to advance your vocal performance and singing career at AIMM!

Professional Vocal Development 

AIMM develops our vocal performance students into successful singers and teachers.

Many new vocal artists and singers face the insecurities of producing riveting material, standing out to and attracting an audience, building a unique musical style, working the stage, and effectively communicating with a live audience.

At AIMM, we address all industry challenges both with hands-on instruction and performance workshops. Our professional instructors provide students with the instructional environment necessary to achieve their individualized musical goals. 

Their knowledgeable backgrounds allow them to shed light on topics you can’t learn from books and lectures. Additionally, our experienced faculty maintains a working relationship with some of the most renowned artists of our time.

We Push Vocal Performer's Skills to Their Limit


Our top-rated Atlanta Singing School provides vocal performance arts students with the instructional environment necessary to develop their vocal, technological & musical proficiency, and acquire the skills necessary to become one of today's elite vocal singers or teachers. 

The curriculum is intense, combining classroom experiences and performance opportunities at every level. You'll be in a fast-paced music atmosphere and learning from industry-leading singing instructors.

Within each specifically designed program, we challenge our students to become enlightened artists, who capable of making their own artistic and professional decisions while still working as a member of a larger team.

The vocal curriculum accomplishes this through:

· Audio and Video Computer Lab Instruction

· Classical and Modern Vocal Instruction

· Live clinics and workshops featuring today's most well-known and innovative performers, producers, and music industry professionals


AIMM's Vocal Programs - Much More Than Singing Lessons

AIMM has two immersive and hands-on Vocal Programs:

· Music and Technology Associate Degree: Voice Concentration

· Vocal Performance Certificate

Let's talk about each a little more.

Music and Technology Associate Degree: Voice Concentration

The Music and Technology Associate Degree: Voice Concentration is the perfect singing degree program for vocalists that want to master their pitch and range, get their foot in the door of the music industry, and learn valuable music production techniques.

AIMM is one of the only Music Colleges the blends organic instrumentation with music production instruction. As an AVID Pro Tools Training Partner, AIMM offers all of the insider tips and techniques when it comes to recording, mixing, and mastering. Just imagine being able to professionally mix your own vocal tracks! No other singing school experience offers that.

Each vocalist that graduates from AIMM's vocal degree is properly equipped to take on the music industry and create a successful career.

Vocal Performance Certificate

Not interested in audio engineering or music production? No worries!

We also offer singers the Vocal Performance Certificate. Master your on-stage presence and every technical aspect that goes into your voice.

This includes music theory, breathing techniques, range, tone, pitch, and more. Singers are the life of the party and we know that you don't want to hold back. That is why an immersive program like the Singing Performance Certificate is perfect for you. 

Also, the certificate is a fairly short program. It can be completed in 12 months, so you'll be back out gigging again before you know it.

What Our Singing School Offers Prospective Students

Atlanta Musicians on Stage at the Atlanta institute of Music and Media

The demand for creative, dynamic, and passionate Singing Professionals is becoming greater than ever, and thanks to advances in music technology, we have the ability to prepare you for a career that can take you anywhere you want to go.

Below are a few of the many resources and benefits we provide that are necessary for our students to advance their careers.

· Work-Study Program: Students with financial needs have the opportunity to get a part-time position within our campus departments.

· Vast Musical Curriculum Experience: Music students can experience many musical flavors from all different genres including jazz, classical, rock, blues, folk, and R&B.

· Job Placement Upon Graduation: During the final quarter of attendance, our students work with a Placement Specialist to produce a resume and begin exploring in-field employment opportunities.

At AIMM, we are changing the way the world experiences music. 

If you're a vocalist, want success in the music industry, or are hoping to become a vocal instructor yourself, then AIMM has the ability to help you become exactly what you desire to be. We truly believe that no dream is too big to accomplish. 

Master Your Voice

The human voice is an instrument that you need to train. At AIMM, Vocal Performance Art Students will excel in:

· Note Recognition

· Ear Training and Development

· Pitch and Tone

· Basic of Directing

· Philosophy of Music

· Voice Sustainability

· Practical Music

· Vocal Methods

· Breathing Techniques

· Music Genre and Acoustic Training

The goal of the program is designed to establish your unique vocal technique as well as confidence in your musical abilities to become a successful industry professional.

Take the First Step Toward a Successful Singing Career in Georgia


If you are a vocalist and want to enroll in an Atlanta Singing School, there is no better opportunity to separate from the crowd than by enrolling at AIMM.

With the advanced singing techniques you learn and the connections you make, you are able to fast-track your career and success within the music industry. You have the passion. You have the drive. You have the skill level. Now is the time to take action.

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, Inc. is accredited by:

- The Council on Occupational Education

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, Inc. is certified by:

- The Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission