Music Production FAQ

Questions Commonly Asked by Aspiring Music Producers

If you love recording, mixing, and mastering music, chances are you have actively considered pursuing a career in Music Production.

With readily available DAW software such as Pro Tools, Ableton, Garageband, and Logic, many audio engineers have been diving into the art of music production and learning on the fly.

However, there are certainly misconceptions that accompany this sort of mindset.

For instance, being a music producer is a lot more work than merely editing music content.

More often than not, music producers act more like project managers. This can entail changing creative components, leading sound engineers, and keeping everything organized.

On top of that, it is critical that a music producer has a great ear for music. Obvious? Perhaps, but it cannot be overlooked.

What challenges are aspiring music producers facing?

Music Producer FAQ | What is a music producer

Unfortunately, one aspect that is making it really simple to jump into music production is also making it difficult for individuals to succeed in music production.

That would be how readily available and DIY audio engineering has become. We've previously touched on this (all of the DAW software), but in a saturated, DIY market, how can someone stand out?

That question, and many more, will be answered in our FAQ below.

1. What is a Music Producer?

What is a music producer expected to accomplish? What are the job responsibilities? And how does a Music Producer differ from a sound engineer?

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2. How Much Do Music Producers Make?

Music Production can be exhausting. You put in long, hard hours and take on a significant amount of responsibility for every creative project. In addition to that, you're also trying to learn more techniques and keep your reputation high.

It seems like for all this effort that Music Producers should be properly compensated, right? The truth is, it depends.

You may sign a contract guaranteeing 2.5% of the album sales or (if you are established) you may receive a $10,000 advance, per song!

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3. How Many Years of College Do You Need for Music Production?

Music Production Frequently Asked Questions

Now we are getting to the point of separation. You have to ask yourself, what could separate you and your skill level from the massive crowd that is learning from free tutorials?

The answer is simple: a College Education. Sure, college isn't for everyone and everything. But you have to look at the music industry landscape.

People now more than ever are posting tracks on YouTube, SoundCloud, TikTok, and even social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. If you want to stay ahead, you have to find what helps you stand out.

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4. What Degree Do You Need for Music Production?

Once you have a certain amount of time in mind that you should be attending college, the next step is to break down which degree would be most beneficial.

There is an abundance of music degrees that you have the opportunity to earn. These can include music business, songwriting, audio post-production, and much more.

The key is to find a degree program that specifically structures their courses toward an individual looking to break into the music industry as a music producer.

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5. What Schools offer Music Production?

To recap, you now have the knowledge of what a music producer does, how much music producers make, how many years of college you should expect, and which degree to earn.

Now, all that is left is deciding which music college offers you the best opportunity to increase your existing skills and help you develop life-long networking connections.

Want to know the schools you should aim for?

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Got All the Answers You Need?

If you think you have a firm grasp on everything you need to know regarding music production, it is time to take action!

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offers students an excellent, hands-on environment to hone their skills and learn from industry-leading instructors.

You will develop life-long connections and you can even become Pro Tools Certified!

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