Are you a keyboardist that wants to enroll in the top Georgia Keyboard School?

If you're looking for one of the Best Colleges for Electronic Keyboard Education, you're in the right place. AIMM is an accredited music college that offers various degree and certificate opportunities that are directly related to the current industry.

The music you love and listen to every day is exactly what we teach at our Keyboard School.

In a world saturated with free YouTube lessons and tutorials, it is more critical now than ever to stand out from the crowd. Attending an accredited music college, honing your craft, and learning the absolute best keyboard techniques is a major separating factor. Not to mention the music industry connections you'll make and tons of peers open for music collaboration.

AIMM offers keyboardists and pianists the following programs:

  • Music and Technology Associate Degree: Keyboard Concentration
  • Performance Certificate in Keyboard

AIMM provides each keyboard player with the instructional and immersive music environment necessary to help develop technical and musical talents in order to acquire the skills necessary to land a successful job in the music industry. Trust us, when you can take a passion and turn it into a comfortable income, it is an amazing feeling. Our number one goal at AIMM is helpful as many dedicated musicians turn that dream into a reality as we can.

And we have the lessons, tools, courses, and connections to do it.

Discover all of the fantastic Georgia cities that our Keyboard Music College serves.

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, Inc. is accredited by:

- The Council on Occupational Education

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, Inc. is certified by:

- The Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission