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    Electronic Keyboard Performance Program


    AIMM's Keyboard Performance Certificate

    AIMM's Electronic Keyboard Performance Certificate consists of specific courses designed to provide the student with the necessary education to further his or her music performance abilities, and to facilitate the student’s ability to gain employment in the field.

    Additional Services Offered to Keyboard Students and Alumni

    Keyboard Certificate Program

    Our Music and Media School offers a fast-paced learning environment outfitted with state-of-the-art production, audio, and video equipment. 

    This is where keyboardists need to be.

    We provide students with the tools for rapid progress, expanding their range, perfecting their tone, and building new professional possibilities.

    As a confident and intelligent musician, our students will be capable of handling more demanding and better-paying jobs in a competitive music industry market.

    Combining what you learn with your personal styles, you'll build remarkable confidence and unlock your musical talents, creative potential, and technical skills.

    Below are a few of the many resources and benefits we provide that are necessary for our keyboard students to advance their careers.

    Due to the current climate this year, we want to give students 100% peace of mind and allow our keyboardists to have complete control over their learning experiences.

    Therefore, AIMM's programs can be taken online, on-campus, or hybrid.

    • Work-Study Program: Students with financial needs have the opportunity to get a part-time position within our campus departments. 
    • Vast Musical Curriculum Experience: Music students can experience musical flavors from all different genres including, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Folk, Blues, and R&B.
    • Job Placement Upon Graduation: During the final quarter of attendance, our students work with a Placement Specialist to produce a resume, and begin exploring in-field employment opportunities.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If your application is accepted, you'll be required to complete an entrance exam and submit a video submission.

    The total tuition cost is $13,860.00. *Financial aid is available.

    The Keyboard Performance Certificate can be completed in 12 months (4 quarters) of ¾ time enrollment.

    Some popular career opportunities that open for you once you earn a Certificate in Keyboard Performance include:

    • Professional musician
    • Accompanist
    • Artist Director
    • Music Instructor/Teacher
    • Private Lesson Instructor
    • Professional Recital Keyboardist
    • Band director
    • DJ

    For a full course curriculum, click here.

    The benefits of choosing a Certificate program over a bachelor's degree or a master's degree mostly involve completion time. A Bachelor and graduate level music school takes a significant amount of time and keep you away from gigging and pursuing your career. Instead, you quickly get the education you need in half the time. Not to mention the cost of a certificate program is significantly lower than a degree.

    Elevate Your Skill Level

    The opportunities are endless with the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media's certificate program. At AIMM, you have the opportunity to master the keyboard, meet life-long industry connections, and surround yourself with like-minded musicians.

    AIMM's campus is ripe with potential, collaboration opportunities, and instructors that have conquered the music industry and are willing to help you find your own footing.

    You can take your first step toward a successful music performance career by applying today and mastering your craft.

    Note: All of the courses in the Keyboard Performance Certificate Program fully matriculate to the Music and Technology Associate Degree program, should a student decide to continue their studies at AIMM after they graduate.

    Click here to learn more about AIMM's Keyboard Degree Program.

    Electronic Keyboard Lessons

    Become a Keyboard Graduate and Work With the Best

    Some of the musical artists and companies our graduates have worked with:


    • Kandi 
    • Snoop Dogg 
    • Brandy 
    • Ludacris
    • Ciara
    • Beyonce 
    • Steve Vai
    • Rick Ross 
    • Justin Bieber
    • Mary J. Blige 
    • Childish Gambino
    • Mariah Carey 
    • Lil Uzi Vert
    • Rachel Platten


    • Honeywell
    • Nickelodeon
    • Cartoon Network 
    • Comcast
    • Aflac

    Join Successful Alumni

    AIMM has assisted many alumni in finding successful and sustainable music careers. Three alumni we want to highlight include:

    Kesha Lee - Engineer

    Kesha Lee is an engineer who earned a Grammy for her work on Childish Gambino's song, This is America

    Tosin Abasi - Animals as Leaders

    Tosin is a phenomenal guitarist. He founded the band, Animals as Leaders, and even has his own line of guitars.

    KEYZBABY - Producer

    Jay Foye, aka KEYZBABY, is an AIMM alumni that co-produced the current #1 song in America, WAP.

    What will you be able to accomplish once you graduate from AIMM?

    Keyboard Performance Certificate Curriculum

    Click here to view the Performance Certificate's Curriculum
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    Curriculum | Program Requirements

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    INT100*   Performance I
    INT200*   Performance II
    INT300   Performance III
    INT400   Performance IV
    INT301   Studio Performance III
    INT401   Studio Performance IV
    INT145*   Music Theory Essentials I
    INT245*   Music Theory Essentials II
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC 130*   Reading I
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC 230*   Reading II
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC 120*   Scales I/Technique I
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC 220*   Scales II/Technique II
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC 320   Scales III/Technique III
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC 420   Scales IV/Technique IV

    Performance Certificate - Total Credit Hours 36

    Courses denoted with an asterisk (*) may be available to take online. Please check with your Academic Advisor on availability.

    Certificate in Keyboard Performance

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