What is the AIMM Entrepreneurial Society?

The AIMM Entrepreneurial Society is a student and alumni organization dedicated to connecting students with opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Its mission includes uncovering innovative marketing campaigns to reach a global audience and step by step strategies to tap into the growing film, television and gaming industry in Georgia and beyond.

In today's market, your opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

You've got the musical ability, now learn how to be successful on the business side of the music industry by joining the Entrepreneurial Society.

How the Entrepreneurial Society can Benefit You?  

Getting all of this advanced knowledge and training in music does not do you much good if you cannot turn it into a career.

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media's Entrepreneurial Society provides an atmosphere that can align recent graduates with industry professionals.

We provide avenues of connection that our students can use to help establish themselves in the right musical niche and give their career the initial boost they desire.

You've got the degree. Now, learn how to monetize it!

Who is Allowed to Join the Entrepreneurial Society?

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media Entrepreneurial Society is open to any current student, staff or Alumni of AIMM.

We hope to encourage all of those individuals who have a working relationship with AIMM to join so that our network continues to expand, thus creating more opportunities for everyone.

It is our belief that the more connections that we are able to create by expanding our membership network, then more creative collaborations can occur which will lead to better quality and innovation in the industry as well as more opportunities for our members.

Who are the Members of the Entrepreneurial Society?

The members of the Entrepreneurial society include former and current students and staff at AIMM, as well as industry professionals.

Some of the current members of the Entrepreneurial Society that you will get the opportunity to network with include:

Join the AIMM Entrepreneurial Society Today!

Accelerate your musical career by joining the Entrepreneurial Society at AIMM. Members will get the benefit of meeting and working with industry professionals as well as other current students and staff.

You know how to make music, now learn how to make a career.

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